Strategic Partner

How Cashflow Manager Coaching Works

Cashflow Manager Coaching is available exclusively to accounting firms for the provision of structured, effective coaching to small business clients. Please watch this short (11 Minute) video to get a snapshot of how the coaching program works and how it will bring great value to an accounting practice.

In 2014, Intrinsic merged with Cashflow Manager and the coaching program was rebranded to Cashflow Manager Coaching powered by Intrinsic. Cashflow Manager is now the only accounting solutions provider in Australia that is able to offer an exclusive, proven and sustainable coaching program to its Inner Circle members.

As you navigate this website you will discover how Cashflow Manager’s coaching model is unique. All you have to do as a director, is to nominate someone to be your firm’s coach! Everything else is taken care of for you: sales, marketing, client management and scheduling.

Take a browse through the site and take your time to consider partnering with Cashflow Manager to provide an outstanding business coaching system. Together, we can work successfully, ultimately building a business coaching company owned by you: a value-add to your practice, a segue into a consulting career for Directors, a saleable asset for your wealth creation and a strategic tool for you to further assist in the success and prosperity of your clients.